2580 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC, V1X 7X5 Sales: (250) 712-0505 Service Direct: (250) 712-0525

Meet Our Team

Sales Department

Sam-Kaloti, General Sales Manager
Sam Kaloti
General Sales Manager
Colby-Schneider, Sales Manager
Colby Schneider
Sales Manager
Ken-Watters, Pre-Owned Sales Manager
Ken Watters
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
Matthew-Tassoni, Pre-Owned Inventory Analyst
Matthew Tassoni
Pre-Owned Inventory Analyst
Daniel-Tassoni, Sales Consultant
Daniel Tassoni
Sales Consultant
Brian-Malmas, Sales Consultant
Brian Malmas
Sales Consultant
Eric-Jameson, Sales Consultant
Eric Jameson
Sales Consultant
Kip-Reece, Sales Consultant
Kip Reece
Sales Consultant
Jeff-Rynard, Sales Consultant
Jeff Rynard
Sales Consultant
Isaac -Tien, Delivery Specialist
Isaac Tien
Delivery Specialist
Phat -Nguyen, Lot Manager
Phat Nguyen
Lot Manager

Financial Services Managers

Melissa-Mcleod, Financial Services Manager
Melissa Mcleod
Financial Services Manager
Carol-Malmas, Financial Services Assistant
Carol Malmas
Financial Services Assistant

Service Department

Rick-Jaeger, Fixed Operations Manager
Rick Jaeger
Fixed Operations Manager
Chris-Neves, Service Manager
Chris Neves
Service Manager
Tobias-Kloetzer, Shop Foreman
Tobias Kloetzer
Shop Foreman
James-Harris, Service Advisor
James Harris
Service Advisor
Tyler-Chursky, Service Advisor
Tyler Chursky
Service Advisor
Cathy-Vinkle, Service Advisor
Cathy Vinkle
Service Advisor
Angeline-Edwards, Service Appointment Coordinator
Angeline Edwards
Service Appointment Coordinator
Darcy -Fiander , Service Administrator
Darcy Fiander
Service Administrator
Christian-Wess, Service Technician
Christian Wess
Service Technician
Regan-Kuhlen, Service Technician
Regan Kuhlen
Service Technician
William-Freidt, Service Technician
William Freidt
Service Technician
Viktor-Martens, Service Technician
Viktor Martens
Service Technician
Aaron-Brown, Service Technician
Aaron Brown
Service Technician
Lionel-Gall, Service Technician
Lionel Gall
Service Technician
Kevin-Selzler, Service Technician
Kevin Selzler
Service Technician
Vitali-Weiss, Service Technician
Vitali Weiss
Service Technician
Ryan-Kryzanowski, Service Technician
Ryan Kryzanowski
Service Technician
Angelika -Hass, Car Wash Attendant
Angelika Hass
Car Wash Attendant
Yun -Lan Wong, Car Wash Attendant
Yun Lan Wong
Car Wash Attendant
Bradley-Chabot, Service Assistant
Bradley Chabot
Service Assistant

Parts Department

Lance-Bremner, Parts Manager
Lance Bremner
Parts Manager
Jordan-Fafard, Parts Consultant
Jordan Fafard
Parts Consultant
Jamie-Ku, Parts Consultant
Jamie Ku
Parts Consultant
Marcel-Bruckner, Parts & Service Assistant
Marcel Bruckner
Parts & Service Assistant

Management & Administration

Colin-Gingell, General Manager
Colin Gingell
General Manager
Adam-Rich, Dealer Principal
Adam Rich
Dealer Principal
David-Dempster, Chief Financial Officer
David Dempster
Chief Financial Officer
Pamela-Pearson, Director of Internal Operations
Pamela Pearson
Director of Internal Operations
Michelle-Lindsay, Controller
Michelle Lindsay
Zita-Vana, Assistant Controller
Zita Vana
Assistant Controller
Angela-Gee, Vehicle Sales Accountant
Angela Gee
Vehicle Sales Accountant
Danielle -Hassell, Human Resources Administrator
Danielle Hassell
Human Resources Administrator
Vicki-Chevelday, Reception/Administration
Vicki Chevelday